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Valuing Stocks

How to Value Stocks? – P/E or EV/EBIT?

**This is a guest post by Kelvin Seetoh, you can visit his website: https://Kelvestor.com if you like to read more of his article** Value investing is one...
EBITDA Calculation

Evaluating Companies using EBITDA

Overview of EBITDA EBITDA has been widely used by many investors as a metric to identify company’s earning without having to factor in financing activities...

Anatomy of Financial Statement: Overview

“If you get interested in a company and you read the annual report, you will have done more than 98% of the people on...
Profit, Loss, Risk

Anatomy of Financial Statement: Income Statement

In the previous post, I gave an overview of what financial statement is and how the 3 key financial statements (i.e. Income Statement, Balance...
Balance Sheet

Anatomy of Financial Statement: Balance Sheet

In my previous post, I explained in detail on how Income Statement is prepared using café shop as an example. I have also showed...
Cash flows

Anatomy of Financial Statement: Cash Flows Statement

In my previous post, I explained extensively about the Balance Sheet in terms of the definition of each element in the Balance Sheet and...