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Stocks Insights

Founded by three equity investors who came from different backgrounds (i.e. accounting, engineering & nutritionists) but share the same passion about stock investing and believes in the concept of value investing combining with technical analysis (“FATA”).

Initially, we commit ourselves into in-depth research on listed companies in Bursa Malaysia on a monthly basis to uncover hidden champions and invest in it when the price is right.

Throughout our investment journey, we realized that stock investing is easy and profitable if one is equipped with the right investment strategies and sound information. To quote the following:

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”

Warren Buffett

However, it takes a significant amount of time and effort in researching for one investment opportunity. Not many people were able to do it. Entered this website with a vision to help equity investors to make more profitable investment decisions. We aim to provide a platform for them to gain sound information and knowledge about stock investing. Hence, the name “Stocks Insights”.

We provide the analysis, crunched all the figures and gather all relevant insights about investment in Bursa Stock Exchange for you. All you have to do is take a tour around our site, read the articles we have shared and practice your independent thinking.

There’s a lot of useful content you can use to become a better investor and we hope that the good stuff we have here will lead to smarter, more profitable investment decisions for you.

Our Investment Principles

As mentioned, we practice value investing with some technical analysis at Stocks Insights.

Our focus is to identify companies with the following characteristics.

  1. Great businesses
  2. Great management
  3. Healthy financials
  4. Great valuation
  5. Price trends

Alright, enough about us! Let’s kickstart your investment journey by checking our latest posts, enjoy the read!

“Rule No. 1 - Never Lose Money;
Rule No. 2 – Never forget Rule No. 1″

Warren Buffett